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Unique, high-performing, sustainable solutions for healthier plants, improved yield and enhanced ROI.



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We work closely with our customers to design customized formulas that solve specific needs. That’s how we’ve developed a robust set of products that are proprietary, innovative, and made and marketed in the USA.

All our products are superior in quality and deliver exceptional results.



Evergreen is the flagship product of our nutrition program. It is the most complete and balanced complex in the market today, with over 22 nutritional elements.
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Fosfi-Cal Gold

Fosfi-Cal Gold is a unique calcium phosphonate, formulated for rapid calcium penetration that is immediately available to the plant.
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Aramite is a proven, highly effective insecticide, primarily for piercing-sucking insects. It’s OMRI certified but is used in both organic and conventional production worldwide.
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Your farm – its weather, its soil, its crops – is unique.

That’s why we offer a wide range of solutions that are customizable to your needs.
One size does not fit all.

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is our secret sauce

Through our search for solutions, we developed a proprietary DELIVERY technology now used in all of our nutritional and immunization products. It enables both water-soluble and non-water soluble metals (micronutrients) to be “translocated” throughout the vascular system of your plants. The result: earliness, plant vigor, increased flowering and fruit set, increased yield, better quality crop, and a superior cost benefit, with higher ROI.

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Grow Seven solutions can increase your plant yields and enhance your ROI.

Ask us for specific case study results that are relevant to your specific needs. With corn, our Nutrimax AC product has been shown to deliver:

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Reaping Results


Grow Seven gives growers a range of organic, sustainable solutions.

We offer a full portfolio of OMRI listed organic products.

Our smarter chemistry lets you

significantly reduce

your chemical footprint.

Today’s consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever. Grow Seven helps you reduce the chemical residue in the food they consume.

our other businesses

Grow Seven also has business lines with solutions for homeowners and facility managers.

Woman tending a thriving garden treated with Puregro products | Puregro

Home & Garden

We offer Puregro, a full line of environmentally safe products for the garden, from seed treatment to growth and flower and fruit promotion, including organic pest control.

A thriving landscape treated with Turf7 products | Turf7

Turf & Ornamental

A program designed for recreational and landscape areas that also addresses the strict standards that must be met in the commercial production of ornamental crops, and also supports the consumer’s demand for reduced pollution and safer water.

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Grow Seven is an innovative manufacturer focused on discovering, developing and positioning truly impactful and unique solutions, helping growers achieve better quality, harvest and ROI.

Our reach, from a crop and product-breadth perspective, is wide and our demand is continuously growing. We strive to establish good business relationships that work not only for our distribution partners but also, and especially, for your customers.

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Grow Seven carefully selects distribution partners to ensure a win-win relationship for both new and existing partners, with the intent of avoiding overlap.

We deliver:
UNIQUE products
INNOVATIVE solutions
CUSTOMIZED NIP programs for crops
HIGH efficacy
HIGH ROI for your customers

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