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  • Agridur Org™

    A specialty adjuvant used to correct water hardness and pH levels

  • Aramite™

    An OMRI-listed organic acaricide/insecticide, contains tested and proven natural food-grade plant oils that control sucking insect pests such as mites, aphids, whiteflies, leaf miners and scales.


  • Bemix™

    Improves the efficacy and residual control of insecticides and acaricides.


  • Bent™

    An OMRI listed insecticide with a unique formulation designed for resistant insects and to improve the efficacy of other insecticides-acaracides.

  • Best-K Org™

    An organic systemic complex providing potassium designed as a water-soluble formulation.


  • Best-K™

    Increases the plant’s immune defense response and improves yield quality.


  • Bonne Org™

    A specialty spreader sticker adjuvant with faster drying time (15 minutes)

  • Brat G

    Organic Rodenticide


  • Bullit™

    A truly unique multi-functional adjuvant formulation developed specifically to improve anti-microbial susceptibility in disease-causing gram-negative bacteria and fungi.

  • Chaperone™

    Provides superior fungicide spray coverage by assisting the fungicide’s adherence to the leaf surface.


  • Cyclops™

    A highly concentrated organic protectant foliar fungicide that controls soil-borne plant diseases such as pythium, rhizoctonia, phythophthora, verticillium, fusarium and others.


  • Evergreen™

    A complete liquid systemic nutritional complex with biostimulants, containing 22 nutritional elements, including kelp, vitamins, and humic acid.


  • Evergreen™ Org

    An organic, OMRI approved biostimulant with a balanced nutritional concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.


  • Fertilex™

    A foliar plant nutritional formula containing a rich micronutrient complex, which is designed to achieve a balance of essential nutrients necessary during key plant growth stages, delivered to the plant with effective systemic action.


  • Fortex RX™

    A unique nutritional package designed for ample use across varied crops.


  • Fortex™

    A specialty systemic nutritional complex, a blend of macro and micronutrients, plant growth regulators and humics.


  • Fosfi-Cal Gold™

    Formulated for rapid calcium penetration into the target plant.


  • Fosfi-Cal Org™

    A unique calcium formulation designed for rapid calcium penetration into the target plant.


  • Fosfi-Cal WP™

    Fertilizer – Calcium Phosphonate


  • Fosfi-K Org™

    Systemic Phosphorus formulation


  • Herbor-G™

    A broad spectrum herbicide made from plant essential oils combined with soaps to increase efficacy.


  • Kelp Max™

    Enhances plant development, with a particular focus on roots, and provides several critical nutrients to support plant health.


  • Kompat™

    A unique blend of special non-ionic surfactants, acidifying agents and penetrating adjuvants.

  • Larvex™

    A unique insecticide designed for use on insects in the larval stage.


  • Magnet-B Org™

    An organic nutritional complex containing phosphorus, calcium and boron.


  • Magnet-B™

    Formulated to quickly introduce calcium and boron into the plant’s vascular system.


  • MicroRX Org™

    An organic nutritional complex containing magnesium, sulfur, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese and zinc.


  • MollyB Org™

    An organic nutritional complex designed to provide boron and molybdenum in a concentrated form.


  • NemaKill™

    An OMRI-listed organic nematicide to control soil nematodes on food and non-food crops.


  • NutriMax AC™

    A balanced nutritional formula with double systemic action that moves nutrients throughout the plant.


  • NutriSoil G™

    A 25% complex of humic and fulvic acid as a liquid soil amendment and conditioner.


  • Ovex™

    A unique ovicide designed for use on insect eggs.


  • Revolver™

    Specialized Fertilizer

  • Rocket™

    Cotton harvest aid adjuvant

  • SeedSoak Org™

    A special nutritional formulation specifically designed for seeds.


  • SeedSoak with Evergreen™

    A special formulation designed to coat seeds with a package of systemic nutritional elements which contain macro and micro elements.


  • Slam Org™

    Controls bacterial diseases caused by Pseudomonas syringe, Xhantomonas spp., Agrobacterium spp, etc. on edible crops.


  • Stallion™

    Custom Blend Pop-up Fertilizer


  • Surf Org™

    A non-ionic water soluble wetter-spreader adjuvant that enhances the effectiveness of agricultural chemicals.

  • Surf™

    A non-ionic water-soluble product that enhances the effectiveness of agricultural chemicals.

  • Velvet™

    Assists the herbicide’s adherence to the leaf surface and improves foliar absorption of herbicides by modifying the waxy cell wall of weeds.

  • Zinquexx™

    Formulated to alleviate deficiencies in crops of zinc, which is notoriously immobile in plants.