• Enable rapid recovery post-transplant, and increase plant vigour
  • Promote a robust root system and strengthen plant’s establishment and growth, equipping plant with better resistance to both biotin and a biotic stress
  • Promote a healthy plant system that enables rich flowering and fruit set
  • Support strong fruit development, size, and quality
  • Protect the crop from infestations with clean, organic solutions
  • Achieve improved quality, yield, and ROI in your crop


The GrowSeven Corn Crop Program is designed to offer unique solutions that support and enhance current grower practices. This program includes solutions aimed at strengthening plant establishment, and providing nutritional ingredients - using our proprietary delivery technology - that are essential throughout the growing season in order to achieve optimal harvest quality and quantity. We aim to help growers benefit from a customized program that is designed to meet their specific needs. Below is our recommended strawberry program, which can be incorporated into current application systems.
GrowthStage Applicaton
Planting/Young plant Established

Use Fortex™ indrip irrigation at planting at a rate of 16oz/ac, to promote rapid root development. For transplanting,use Fortex™in dip solution at a rate of 8oz/ac, soaking the roots.

Development and Vegetative growth

7 days after transplant,spray plant with Evergreen™(16oz/ac) and Saeta Gold™ (16oz/ac). The next application should be 7 days before bloom set,using Evergreen™ (16oz/ac) and Magnet-B™ (24oz/ac).

First Flowering and Fruit Initiation

Approximately 14 days after previous application,apply Evergreen™ (16oz/ac) and Magnet-B™ (16oz/ac).



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Grow Seven products can increase your plant yields and enhance your ROI.
Biotic / Abiotic Stress Defense
Protect against abiotic and biotic stress to avoid major loss in your crop plants
Organic Production
Organic fertilizers, seed treatments, soil treatments, and plant nutrition.
Public Health
Root Development
Solutions to increase plants’ structural stability, flowering, and immune defense system.


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