White Fly Control with Ovex, Bemix and Aramite

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July 25, 2017
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February 18, 2021

White Fly Control with Ovex, Bemix and Aramite

In October 2019, Grow Seven conducted a set of trials to determine the efficacy and ROI of its insecticides – Aramite, Bemix, and Ovex – in controlling white fly population on broccoli and cauliflower crops. The trials took place on the Alder Ranch in El Centro California.

To make it happen, Grow Seven compared white fly population counts in randomly selected plants before, during, and after application over a period of 5 days. To determine the products’ efficiency, water PH was also tested, though not altered. 

Although all treatments successfully reduced white fly population, Grow Seven observed that the effect of each of the tested pesticidal spray varied according to the application timing. 

The recommendation is to apply the following treatments as part of a rotational IPM program:

  • Ovex: Initial application as a preventative approach to limit expansion of population.
  • Aramite + Bemix: Positioned to impact existing adult population.
  • Ovex + Bemix: Follow-up application for further control. Affects egg and early stage nymph population.
  • Control crop: did not receive any treatment for the duration of the trial.

The final conclusion did find the combination of Aramite @ 24oz +Bemix @16 oz to achieve better control results, partly due to the fact that it also showed superior residual resistance. In any commercial applications, greater residual control is an important factor since it guarantees a broader coverage.

With the trial completed, Grow Seven has the following recommendations:

  1. IPM program should start at small population of white Fly 
  2. Applications should be repeated every 7-14 days after the first application 
  3. Reduce water PH to 5.5-6 
  4. As the plants get larger, coverage can be an issue. The use of a spreader usually reduces water tension making it easier to achieve good coverage 
  5. Aramite, Bemix, and Ovex should be use in rotation with other chemicals, managing a proactive resistance program 

To learn more about the trials and results, read the case study here

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