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September 30, 2021
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NutriMax AC Corn Trial

Location: Daphne, AL March – July 2021


The purpose of this trial was to duplicate for regional comparison, a trial done by Beck’s Hybrids through their PFR program. In this trial, we also completed a yield and tissue analysis comparison with products considered to be the grower standard in this area.


During this trial, each product was applied only once. The grower standard at 16 oz/A, NutriMax AC at 16 oz/A and NutriMax AC at 20 oz/A. All applications were made between the V3 and V5 growth stages and were applied with a tank mix of pesticides.


In the following images and tables, you will be able to see very definite changes in both plant nutritional values as well as ear size. When using NutriMax AC at the recommended rate for corn (16-20 oz/A) you can see up to a 16 bu/A increase in yield.

For this trial, the grower standard is considered to be 1-3 gallons of 28-0-0 in furrow at planting and an application of a 3-17-0 with trace micronutrients at V5. Both NutriMax AC applications also contain 1-3 gallons of 28-0-0 in furrow at planting.

Click the link to view the completed trial by Beck’s at