Fosfi-Cal WP for Plant Health on Strawberries

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March 1, 2021
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Fosfi-Cal WP for Plant Health on Strawberries


Calcium is an essential plant nutrient, serving as a key input for proper plant cell elongation, and the strengthening of cell walls. Having sufficiently available and effective levels of calcium in plants improves their ability to defend against abiotic stress like heat, by reducing evapotranspiration and regulating stomata aperture. Fosfi-Cal WPTM is a systemic phosphonate mineral Calcium complex. Phosphonates move rapidly through plant tissues, in both existing and newer plantings, providing the necessary support to stimulate plant health and improved nutrient availability. By including Fosfi-Cal WPTM in a strawberry crop program, growers should benefit from improved nutrient uptake, improved plant health, and improved fruit quality.

Method of Analysis

Prior to the planned applications of Fosfi-Cal WPTM, plant tissue samples were collected from randomly selected plants in 3 different strawberry fields. The tissue samples were delivered to A&L Western Agricultural Laboratories to conduct tissue nutrient assessments. Next, applications of Fosfi-Cal WPTM were performed on the same fields, at a rate of 1 LBS per acre. Foliage samples were then collected 3 days after application, to evaluate nutrient availability in the plants.


Rocha Jr. Berry Farms

Gema Berry Farms

Grower Testimony

Growers that have used Fosfi-Cal WPTM have noticed a speedy and dramatic change in their crop stature. Treated plants have a lusher green pigment, extended plant vigor, over all better yield and quality of their production.


Tissue analysis pre and post application of Fosfi-Cal WPTM highlight the efficacy of the product. The results of tissue analysis performed post application of Fosfi-Cal WPTM demonstrate a +20-30% nutrient uptake improvement across primary, secondary and tertiary nutrients, including increase of calcium uptake by 30%.


  • At early plant establishment, begin applications of Fosfi-Cal WPTM on monthly drip applications for root development.
  • The recommended rate for the first 2 applications in early establishment is 0.5lb/ac
  • The following monthly recommended applications are a rate of 1.0lb/ac