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Magnet B Peanut Trial

Location: Baldwin Co., AL September 2020


The purpose of this trial was to compare the yield and tissue analysis results in peanuts against a competitor product, DeltAg Boron Plus. The results were analyzed to compare the effects of the two products in late season application in the Calcium (Ca) and Boron (B) categories.


In this trial two applications were made across two forty-acre blocks. An early season application of Boron Plus (4oz/A) was made on both plots around the V3 growth stage. A late season application around the R3 growth stage of Boron Plus was made on one block while an application of Magnet-BTM (16oz/A) was made on the second block.


Magnet-BTM (16 oz/A)
Boron Plus (4 oz/A)

In the three tables above, you can see the difference between Magnet-BTM and Boron Plus from a plant held nutritional element standpoint. Magnet-BTM out performs the competitor product, not only in Calcium and Boron but as a whole across all nutrients. This is due to Magnet-BTM proprietary delivery technology, which moves nutrients systemically into the plant, so it improves nutrient uptake within the plant.

Return on Investment

By using Magnet-B for one application a year at the R3 reproductive stage, the grower increased the yield on their farm by ~ 35.00%. The cost of application for one acre of land using Magnet-B will cost $5.38 more than Boron Plus. However, by using this product the grower earned an average of $301.81/ac. All of this is presented in the table below.